In the beginning…

Over 30 years ago I got the opportunity to start my career as a graduated watchmaker with the importer of Omega watches in Amsterdam. After a training period of two years I was allowed to repair the more common watches and later on I was offered the chance to repair the more complicated  watches. Elder and more experienced colleagues taught me the authentic and proven methods of Swiss watch repair.


The Seventies…

Tuning fork watches, a complete new technique, started the upgrade to quartz watches.

In the beginning of the Seventies, business was booming, both in sales and in the technical field. After completing several technical and management courses, I was promoted to Assistant Manager within five years. Barely two years later I successfully managed 15 watchmakers. Our service department grew to be one of the best operating service departments in the high range watches. As manager, I always maintained close contact with my employees and colleagues.


The roaring Eighties and later…

As per 1982 we went through more than five changes in importers of Swiss watches and times were troubled due to staggering business as a result of the increased competition by digital watches until  about 1989.

II became Customer Service Manager / Technical Advisor of the Swiss watch brands in the Netherlands. In 1997 ‘The Swatch Group’ became responsible for the Dutch market, which was formerly led by Firma Maassen. I worked for The Swatch Group until 2004, when the Dutch and Belgian establishments merged and I decided to become an entrepreneur. Having more than 30 years of experience in this brand, I am specialized in Omega watches.

F.R. Schweitzer B.V. is specialized in repairing Omega watches and therefore we usually carry almost all spare parts in stock. Furthermore, the company is engaged in selling and buying Omega watches. Where appropriate, you could of course consult us for other Swiss watch brands.

Top quality, high service and the strict standards maintained by the Swiss watch brands are of equal importance to  F.R. Schweitzer B.V.