Repairing Omega watches

F.R. Schweitzer B.V. has over 30 years of experience in repairing Omega watches (check page “About the company”). Thus your watch is in expert hands. On special consult we can of course also repair watches of other Swiss brands. All Omega repairs are executed in our private workplace, where obviously we have all Omega repair tools at hand. Due to our extensive parts inventory and specialized knowledge we in general need a short repair time.





What to expect when offering your Omega watch for repairs at F.R. Schweitzer B.V.


Price offer

upon request we can make you a free of charge price offer picturing the necessary interventions. When you decide not to have your watch repaired at our company, we charge € 30,00 research and administration costs. If you agree with our price offer, no charges will be made for the research.


Repair time

generally it takes two to three weeks to repair your watch, unless we need to order special parts such as clock-faces or dials.


Repair and restoration

What happens with your watch in our workplace? Straps and bands will be re-etched and polished and various components are cleaned ultrasonically to appear as new. The timepiece will be disassembled completely, clearances will be minimized and defect components will be replaced. When necessary pivots will be pivoted (polishing of the staff). All components are inspected, cleaned and re-assembled, checked for operation and provided with new oil and grease.



Final inspection

The assembled timepiece is re-assembled in the case and further checked on various focal points such as amplitude, response voltage, power consumption and power reserve.



Your Omega watch can be made waterproof again, but this is only valid for watches under 15 years of age. In general all waterproof components (e.g. crown and gaskets, etc.) should be replaced to guarantee absolute waterproofness. Waterproofness is only warranted by the importer. For Omega models older than 15 years it is possible to make them water resistant, but usually the model is respected as it is and it is wise not to have such a watch make contact with water.



We offer 12 months guarantee on executed repairs, but this service is only applicable for the original client and not valid in case the watch is sold.



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